When Parents Say Thank You.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Teachers go above and beyond in so many ways. Teachers who communicate with parents regularly build relationships with them so that when a tough situation arises, the foundation has been set and the parent already knows the teacher… Continue reading When Parents Say Thank You.


P is for Positive

No, this is not a post about the coronavirus. Well, not directly, anyway. If you’re looking for a post about flipping out about COVID-19, not flipping out about it, or where you can get toilet paper on the black market, you’re at the wrong place. Until now, I’ve struggled with the thought that I don’t… Continue reading P is for Positive

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I Walked In

I did not walk out today. Don't get me wrong, I fully support all of the roughly 30,000 educators who marched at the Capitol today. But my school was in session, so instead of walking out, I walked in. I walked in to see students already in the hallway at 7:20 AM because their parents… Continue reading I Walked In

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Letting Go, Looking Back, and Learning to be Brave

Excuse me while I apologize for having to dust off the cobwebs on my WordPress account. To say it's been a while...is a BIG understatement. (Better late than never, right?) This year was amazing, challenging, exhilarating and different. There were many "firsts", and unfortunately, some "lasts". My #oneword2016 was "seek". There were moments, relationships, and… Continue reading Letting Go, Looking Back, and Learning to be Brave

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We See So Much More

This post is co-written with three amazing Principal friends of mine -  Lindsy @lmstump - Jessica @JessicaCabeen - Adam @awelcome All four of us are educational leaders, we all have a spouse, children of our own and are very connected with social media in our personal lives and for work. Being connected is amazing, but when we spend… Continue reading We See So Much More