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I was inspired by Jay Posick to share some events or things that occurred today as I led my school. In his honest & real blog post “4 Fingers Pointing Back at You.“(Prepare to be blown away when you read it.), Jay talks about the great day he had today, as well as, the not-so-great moments he experienced as a leader at his school. 

So, now, here I sit, at my daughter’s gymnastics class, reflecting on my day. Here is how Today went:

7:00-7:15 am – 15 minute drive to school

7:15-7:23 am – Yes, it really takes me that long to get my four-year-old out of the car, backpack in tow, and into the building…if he’s not throwing a fit. 

7:25 am – fired up the Karoke machine and wheeled it out for drop-off

7:25-7:45 am – I’m fist-bumping (and maybe singing/dancing just a little) as kiddos get off the buses and out of cars. 

7:45-8:05 – I wheeled the Karoke machine down to our playground to prepare for our Wednesday walking club, Tribe Trek. Since this is a new year and students are still getting our procedures down, instead of walking with kids, I spent this time cheering them on, encouraging them and handing out lap markers, aka Popsicle sticks (thank you budget cuts and thank goodness for the versitle & inexpensive Popsicle stick). 

8:05-8:15 – I wheeled the Karoke machine into 3 classrooms for 3 very short, but oh so fun dance parties. I got to give and receive smiles, laughs, and picked up some great dance moves too! 

8:15-8:20 am – Back in my office, I delivered announcements through the P.A. I recognized a student for picking up trash in our school. I shared Kid President’s quote: “If you can’t think of something nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.” I challenged students and staff to do #onekindthing today & to say something nice to a classmate, teacher, staff member, family member, etc.

8:20-8:50 am – I will refer to this time as “principal potpourri”. I did a lot of small but necessary tasks, which included communicating with a team of dads about tomorrow’s meeting to begin the WatchDOGS program at our school and a bathroom break before my next scheduled activity – see 9:00 am. 

9:00-11:30 am – I got to read “The Dot” to classes. I asked my sixth graders to listen for themes of the book. Some of the messages they shared after listening to the book were “be proud of yourself”, “you have to start somewhere”, “something you think might be unimportant can make a big difference”, and “we can all grow”. I just love this book and the ways we can apply it to encourage kids to do their best & be creative!

11:30-12:20 pm – I attended an IEP meeting for an elementary student.

12:25-12:55 pm – More “principal potpourri” – informal conversation with a teacher who had questions about how to help a student be more successful. Another informal conversation with a different teacher about a child’s behavior during the school day. I make a mental note to check in on that student later in the day. Checked out the playground, and ensured doors/gates were all locked or closed and secure. Another quick bathroom break. 

1:00-1:15 Ran to the cafeteria to grab some quick Pigs in a Blanket and one of the last pieces of chocolate cake left over from the board meeting. Refilled my water!

1:20-1:30 pm – Had a visitor come to suggest a field trip idea for elementary students or classes. 

1:30-3:10 pm – arrived back in my office, only to be called to a classroom to help with a child. This child is challenging, and I quickly realized that remaining with the child for as long as I needed to was what was going to be best for this child. Turns out that today, the best thing for this child was for me to stay until it was time to go home. 

3:10-3:15 pm – Delivered more fist/ bumps and smiles as students left for the day. (Wasn’t able to get the Karoke machine out since I was with a child, but I usually have the tunes going to send children out the door on a good note…no pun intended. 

3:15-3:25 pm – Met the parent of the student who I spent my afternoon with at the car to give some feedback, as well as, try to shed some light on the cause of the student’s behaviors. 

3:25-3:40 pm – Met with the teacher of this student to problem solve and discuss the day. 

3:40-4:00 pm – Met with a different parent. 

4:00 pm – Delivered items to the 4-H meeting taking place in the cafeteria and discussed/approved 4-H Week events taking place at school in a couple of weeks. 

4:15 – Headed to my second job: taking on the roles of chief grocery shopper & gymnastics shauffeur, aka Mom. 

Today was a good day. 

Today, I was present. Today, there were challenges. Today, I learned something about a student that may make coming to school a little less challenging. Today, I smiled, danced and laughed with kids. Today, I shared my love of reading with kids. Today, I felt stress, at times. Today, I brought music, literature, reading and excitement to classrooms. Today, I remained positive, and let my joy come through on my face and in my actions. Today was a good day. 

Tomorrow will be even better. 


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