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I Walked In

I did not walk out today. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support all of the roughly 30,000 educators who marched at the Capitol today. But my school was in session, so instead of walking out, I walked in.

I walked in to see students already in the hallway at 7:20 AM because their parents drive to WW to work & rely on the school to be a safe place for them to spend those early morning moments.

I walked in to greet children whom I hadn’t seen in three days with smiles and high-fives.

I walked in to turn up the karaoke machine with Monday dance music in the hallway and giggle, laugh, and dance with kids before breakfast.

I walked in to remain true to my word to a group of 6th grade boys whom, on last Thursday, I had vowed to meet with and follow through on discipline and restitution.

I walked in to attend an initia IEP (Individualized Education Program) for an early-learner who will gain so much in the coming weeks from working with our speech pathologist.

I walked in to teach PE with one of the most-flexible, fun-loving, hard-working colleagues I’ve been blessed to get to teach with. Thanks for putting kids first, Coach Webb.

I walked in to sit in the hallway with a student, a troubled student, who is fairly new to our state and our school. I walked in to be present with him, to listen, to empathize, to understand his world. I walked in to be a source of love for this child, when I’m not certain he feels loved elsewhere.

I walked in to support my teachers. I have immense respect for each one of them, for their dedication, for their caring hearts, for their desire to teach. They are the true heroes in our school.

I walked in to be with kids. To smile with them, to talk with them, to spend moments with them, to be a positive influencer, and to be a constant joy ambassador in my school.

I commend every teacher, administrator, parent, and student for exercising their voice and rallying at 23rd & Lincoln today, and tomorrow, and as long as it takes. Thank you for representing #oklaed and fighting for desperately-needed funding for our kids. I’m proud to be an Oklahoman today, and every day.

Walking out or walking in – we can all make a difference in some way. How will you make a difference in a child’s life tomorrow?


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