OAESP2015 - Elementary Principals learned all they needed to know to "Enter the Awesome world of Twitter."
OAESP2015 – Elementary Principals learned all they needed to know to “Enter the Awesome world of Twitter.”

First of all, I am a Mom to 3 beautiful children and wife to the Superintendent of my school. (Which is awesome a lot of the time, and challenging at times, as well.) I have been a teacher/administrator for over 15 years.  I have taught at every level in a public school ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to High School Spanish.  My husband was a coach and was certified to teach History/Social Studies, so I became certified in EVERYTHING ELSE to make us more marketable as a pair.  🙂  I think this is one of the reasons I am good at leading others.  When a decision needs to be made, I am able to pull from my experiences at specific levels to gauge how teachers at that level might be affected by the outcome of the decision.  In other words, I can put myself in my teachers shoes, because I’ve been there before!

In addition to working with outstanding teachers and students at Vici Elementary, I have also had the teriffic opportunity to become involved in CCOSA, and more specifically, OAESP, the organization that represents elementary principals in Oklahoma and have been able to represent Northwest Oklahoma on the Executive Board for the past 4 years.  Currently, I am blessed to get to represent Oklahoma Elementary Principals as the NAESP State Representative and Federal Relations Coordinator.

Finally, I am a learner.  I am a seeker of knowledge and of innovation.  I am guilty of having too many books open in my Kindle app at one time. I have 50 tabs open on my computer with resources to glance at, skim or peruse.  My twitter PLN is a constant source of knowledge, practice and strategies.  Many of my PLN members are right here in Oklahoma, but without Twitter, I would never have had the opportunity to learn from them like I have.  Shout out to all my #OklaEd collegues on Twitter!  If you haven’t joined the chat, or maybe your unsure about Twitter, leave me a comment, and I would love to get you TWEETING AND LEARNING!  Follow me on Twitter: @kasnelson.


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